Air Raid – The Hague 1935

Air Raid – The Hague 1935
Exercise of an air raid in 1935, bombing the dutch town The Hague – seat of government – on a small scale. Testing the decisiveness, and speed with which municipal services in The Hague react in the event of an air attack. Shots:
Formation biplanes flies over. Explosion of ‘mustard gas bomb’ on the street causes white clouds of smoke, after which helpers in overalls and police officers – wearing gas masks, among other things – rush or drive to provide first aid to the ‘victims’ on the street and arrange transport to the hospital.
Shots of normal traffic ‘just’ passing outside the training area (in the background, laughter from the audience watching). Cameraman of Polygoon cinema news with gas mask on behind camera. Credits:
Air raid exercise in The Hague , Holland, published April 8, 1935 by dutch cinema news company Polygoon Hollands Nieuws, courtesy of Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid | OpenImages. Film : 20200503 Michel van der Burg | |