Crash .
We had a strange encounter on the dutch Wadden Sea island Terschelling, that very same – long – moment of the crash of the Malaysian MH17 plane with 300 people 15.20 dutch time (CEST) July 17, 2014.

Encounter ~
We were unaware of the MH17 crashing at that very moment far away in Ukraine , while my wife and I – cycling on the dutch island Terschelling – had that strange accidental encounter at the crossing of winding bicycle paths in the middle of the woods of West-Terschelling , where we came across family – our (grand)children – also touring there by bike.

Crash ~
The MH17 Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777-200 plane crashed after being hit by a Russian-made Buk missile over Ukraine, near the Ukrainian- Russian border. All 298 occupants (including ~ 200 dutch) were killed.

Feathers on our path ~
Next , an hour later – the first picture I made were these feathers on our path at Terschelling.
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NOTE – additional explanation:
The confluence concerns 2 matters:
1) a completely unexpected meeting in the middle of the forest with family .. which in retrospect turns out to have taken place at the time of the crash (image of that meeting here in slow motion as a ‘strip’); and
2) the first photo I took shortly thereafter – of bird feathers on the ground – could in retrospect symbolize a crash …