Magic Mushrooms Leftovers

What’s left after dinner of the cluster magic mushrooms – eaten by land slugs (see yesterdays clip).
Filmed with Sony ZV-1 using Picture Profile 10 (PP10) with the Hybrid Log-Gamma HLG2.
Edited – no color grading – in standard Final Cut Pro X library (Rec. 709) changing the clips setting in the inspector for ‘Color Space Override’ from ‘Off’ to ‘Rec.2020’ (corresponding to the BT.2020 setting in my Sony ZV-1 camera’s PP10 profile). Sound Sennheiser MKE 200 microphone level 20, with the furry windshield.
Clustered woodlover (Hypholoma fasciculare, Psilocybe fascicularis, Sulphur tuft, dutch : Gewone zwavelkop) in Alphen, Holland. Magic Mushrooms Leftovers | 20201007 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com