Earbags … Binaural Primo EM272 Microphone

Binaural sound test with Primo EM272 external microphones inserted in Earbags as ‘headset’, plugged in the Sony ZV-1 camera with audio level 15 the first minute, and level 20 the next minute.
Recordings like this in my ZV-1 camera need rebalancing in Post (FCPX) of the Stereo Left/Right to around -50% (shift to left channel). I am not sure right now after these first tests (done Oct 31th at home in the garden) whether the camera is the problem because I used a 3.5 mm right-angle adaptor to hook up the Primo mics cable to the camera, that may have caused this. However the Primo mics gave perfectly balanced left/right recordings in my Olympus LS-10 field recorder.
Earbags Binaural Primo EM272 Microphone | 20201104 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com