Waves | 20201222 ~ Update Mobile Apple HDR editing adventure using the iMovie app on iPhone 12 Pro Max.
I gave up on the idea of a template .. and focussed on using a ‘simple’ straightforward procedure for mobile branding (a title) in (HDR) videos. The current layout requires manual resizing and relocating of the title , plus custom font and no caps choice and deleting other parts of the STANDARD title. The ‘disturbing’ part is the need for analogue title placement and sizing …
Apart from this , though resizing of the text line appears not limited , the line length is limited …. So , I have to change my crediting ways …. to limit the burned in text.
NOTE : With mobile uploading just noticed that INSTAGRAM accepts HDR videos uploaded via the phone app. Music : Waves by Kyle Preston | Artlist.
Film : Waves | 20201222 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo•com | Miracles•Media