Joris Ivens Bridge | 20210305

Joris Ivens Bridge | 20210305 | 1-memo•com
Bridge De Hef , the lift bridge (dutch : hefbrug) – now a no longer functioning monument – that was documented in the 1928 silent documentary film by Joris Ivens, exploring the then-newly constructed vertical-lift railroad bridge: its structure and mechanisms and the steam trains and ships. Koningshaven harbor of the Maas river (Nieuwe Maas) in the city of Rotterdam, Holland. ~ M1 Hardware Encode 50 Mbps ~
I tested whether choosing a higher bit rate might speed up the slow software encoding in Compressor. Tests done with this 1 minute iPhone 12 Pro Max film and a title (4K Wide Gamut HDR template made in Motion) in FCP 10.5.1 on Macbook Air M1 (macOS 11.2.1) .
Results with Compressor settings for Apple Devices 4K (HEVC 10-bit, HLG, Dolby Vision 8.4) with resp. : #1 Standaard software encoding (auto setting bit rate 15 Mb/s) took ca 17 min #2 Custom software encoding with bit rate custom set at 50 Mb/s took ca 25 min.
#3 Fast hardware accelerated custom high bit rate 50 Mb/s software encoding took ca 1 min 30 s.
I further noted at the left top logo ① memo a smeared drop shadow with the sotware encoded videos – not shown here , since this upload version is #3.
By the way audio is still the default AAC LC 128 kb/s , I will change that to 256 or higher in next videos.
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