Blurb | Pancreatic islet transplantation | 20221023

Blurb | Pancreatic islet transplantation | 20221023 | Michel van der Burg | Miracles•Media | French flap interior of paperback back cover with illustration of islet isolation and transplantation in the doctoral thesis Pancreatic islet transplantation – ISBN 9789080216402. Studies aiming at transplantation of the pancreatic Islets of Langerhans to prevent, postpone or ameliorate the long-term crippling complications of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Paperback published in 1994 ISBN 9789080216419 | 9080216410 , later this month published as eBook (pdf) ISBN 9789080216402.

Illustration of Islet Isolation and Transplantation
(Captions at last page of the dissertation)

1. Paul Langerhans
2. Section of the normal dog pancreas showing islets stained reddish-brown (immunostained for insulin)
3. The author, watching the dog islet isolation procedure in the Minneapolis surgical research laboratory
4. Start of the operation in the dog (From left to right: Professor Hein G. Gooszen, Ms. M. Jane Field (Minneapolis), and Dr. Onno R. Guicherit, at our surgical laboratory)
5. The pancreas is removed
6. Infusion of the collagenase solution via the ducts in the dog pancreas – collagenase leaking from the pancreas is recirculated using a pump (Islet laboratory, at the Department of Cell Biology and Histology, Leiden)
7. During collagenase digestion at 37-39°C the pancreas falls apart (non-stained pancreatic exocrine tissue and free-ed small blood vessel, at low magnification)
8. Dissociated pancreatic tissue
9. Tissue is further dispersed by aspiration in a syringe, and sieved to remove undigested fragments, ducts and vessels ~ demonstrated by Ms. Jane Field at our islet laboratory.
10. Tissue suspension demonstrating low purity of the islets (stained red by dithizone) obtained by dextran gradient separation after isolation in the RPMI tissue culture solution (dark-brown exocrine fragments remain unstained)
11. Pure islet suspension (after dithizone staining) obtained by density separation in Percoll gradients (in University of Wisconsin solution) after islet isolation in the University of Wisconsin solution (islets are only slightly stained due to poor diffusion over the cell membrane in the preservation solution)
12. Section of highly purified islets obtained by dextran density separation after isolation in the University of Wisconsin solution
13. Islets are autotransplanted by infusion in the spleen of the dog
14. Transplanted islet in section of the spleen of one of the dogs shortly after the onset of fasting hyperglycemia at three months posttransplant (immunostained for insulin)
15. Highly purified human islets obtained by Percoll density separation after isolation in the University of Wisconsin solution (immunostained with gold for insulin; not counterstained)

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