Ministry of Subtitles | 20230203

Croatian subtitles demo in film Transport XX to Auschwitz

Thanks Ministry of Subtitles for contributing today your Croatian subtitles file for use in an international edition of Transport XX to Auschwitz.
The Ministry of Subtitles originally provided Croatian subtitles for the ‘Transport XX to Auschwitz’ film screening with projection of both Croatian and English subtitles in Cinema Europa at the 8th Festival of Tolerance – May 2014, Zagreb, Croatia.


The Ministry of Subtitles , Zagreb, Croatia |

Transport XX | 8th Festival of Tolerance post

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From Buchenwald to Hollywood, The Robert Clary Story | 2023 Edition | 20230202

New updated edition (Jan 2023) of the film by Karen and Richard Bloom and Michel van der Burg , about the Hollywood legend, internationally known actor, Broadway star, singer, artist, author and Holocaust lecturer , Robert Clary.

“Don’t think negatively.
Think Positively.
Don’t Hate.
Hate is a waste of time and energy.”

In memoriam : Robert Clary (March 1, 1926 – Nov 16, 2022)

More info at RichardBloomProductions•com

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PDFA update | 20221124

PDFA update | 20221124 | Miracles•Media
November 24, 2022 , update PDF to PDF/A file … a tech story.
The original PDF upload at Miracles•Media on Nov 11, 2022 has been replaced today by the PDF/A version prepared Nov 12, 2022 for the Dutch National Library. That PDF/A file was produced by simply opening the original Nov.11 PDF in the Mac app ‘Preview’ (dutch ‘Voorvertoning’) , and saving that unmodified file (exporting) as PDF/A. The ‘A’ means for longterm archiving.
Comparing properties of both files in Adobe Acrobat Reader no differences were noted, except that the Nov 12th file ‘claims’ compliance with the PDF/A standard. Though both PDF version 1.3 files are expected to be identical / archival proof – offering one identical file both at Miracles.Media and the Dutch National Library is preferred.
I hesitated making this update – but it is required , right?!. Therefore the Miracles.Media site now also offers that same PDF/A file download : Viviane’s Story | ISBN eBook (PDF/A) 9789493147010 | 20221112 .

Pages – the software used for preparing these ePub and PDF ebooks – does not offer PDF/A export. PDF/A export was excellent last October using ABBYY PDF software for final output of another ebook (thesis) based on scanned paper. However ABBYY re-processing Nov. 11 of this 100 percent digital ebook – just in order to have a certified PDFA – gave poor results, and thus not done. November 12th I learned that simple workaround of reprocessing using Apple’s ‘Preview’ app.

Meanwhile that first – Nov 11 – file has been downloaded over 130 times.

This image :
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Rhythmus | 20221117

Rhythmus | 20221117 | 1-memo•com
Robert Clary had rhythm ! Born Robert Widerman, March 1, 1926 in Paris — he passed away yesterday Nov 16, 2022, at his home in Los Angeles. He was 96. Robert was deported from Paris at the age of 16 to the death camps. April 19, 1945 he was singing and dancing in Buchenwald with the Rhythmus Jazz Band entertaining the U.S. Army troops who had liberated the camp .
Photo (courtesy Richard Bloom Productions) copy of the Program of 19.4.1945 – Rhythmus – 1st Jazz Concert in the liberated Buchenwald – – Vocal : Widerman / France . With political prisoner , resistance fighter, Jiří Žák (bass; founder of the band) who saved Robert’s life and the life of others in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Band leader Yves Darriet came up with the nickname Clary for Robert (from the movie Les Adventures de Désirée Clary) — the artist name Robert Clary made name with on Broadway in Hollywood … the US .
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World Cat | 20221116

World Cat | 20221116 | 1-memo•com
Hurray! As of today both eBook editions (both the PDF and ePub) of Viviane’s Story are public available for download from the e-Depot of the KB National Library of the Netherlands via the Catalogue online at kb•nl/en . The PDF edition (not the ePub) shows up too in WorldCat – OCLC Unique Identifier: 1350735845.
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eDepot KB National Library | 20221113

eDepot KB National Library | 20221113 | 1-memo•com
Viviane’s Story eBook ePub edition (ISBN 9789493147003) deposit today at the KB National Library of the Netherlands – eDepot port collecting digital publications from dutch publishers. Yesterday the pdf edition , now the ePub edition is also archived — with permission to lend the book outside the library. Link
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eDepot KB National Library | 20221112

eDepot KB National Library | 20221112 | 1-memo•com
Viviane’s Story eBook (ISBN 9789493147010) deposit today at the KB National Library of the Netherlands – eDepot port collecting digital publications from dutch publishers. The eBook is now archived — with permission to lend the book outside the library. Link
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