PDFA update | 20221124

PDFA update | 20221124 | Miracles•Media
November 24, 2022 , update PDF to PDF/A file … a tech story.
The original PDF upload at Miracles•Media on Nov 11, 2022 has been replaced today by the PDF/A version prepared Nov 12, 2022 for the Dutch National Library. That PDF/A file was produced by simply opening the original Nov.11 PDF in the Mac app ‘Preview’ (dutch ‘Voorvertoning’) , and saving that unmodified file (exporting) as PDF/A. The ‘A’ means for longterm archiving.
Comparing properties of both files in Adobe Acrobat Reader no differences were noted, except that the Nov 12th file ‘claims’ compliance with the PDF/A standard. Though both PDF version 1.3 files are expected to be identical / archival proof – offering one identical file both at Miracles.Media and the Dutch National Library is preferred.
I hesitated making this update – but it is required , right?!. Therefore the Miracles.Media site now also offers that same PDF/A file download : Viviane’s Story | ISBN eBook (PDF/A) 9789493147010 | 20221112 .

Pages – the software used for preparing these ePub and PDF ebooks – does not offer PDF/A export. PDF/A export was excellent last October using ABBYY PDF software for final output of another ebook (thesis) based on scanned paper. However ABBYY re-processing Nov. 11 of this 100 percent digital ebook – just in order to have a certified PDFA – gave poor results, and thus not done. November 12th I learned that simple workaround of reprocessing using Apple’s ‘Preview’ app.

Meanwhile that first – Nov 11 – file has been downloaded over 130 times.

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