Putmolen ~ Episode 1 “Crystal Ball”

In the Aarlanderveen polders around Alphen in Holland, here Mill #4 of the Gang of Four Mills – also known as the Putmolen (Pit mill).
This Gang of four mills (dutch : Molenviergang) is working together to upload the polder water around the Aarlanderveen village in 4 steps – by stepped drainage via basins – all together almost 5 meters , 16 feet, higher into the Old Rhine river.
This Putmolen mill (with millers Rita and Johan Slingerland) drains the lowest part of the polder, the so-called Put (pit), where peat was still extracted when this mill was build in 1801 , after the higher part of the polder had already been milled dry. Filmed using the iPhone X on the dutch national mill day 2018.
Putmolen ~ Episode 1 “Crystal Ball” | 20201001 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com