Putmolen ~ Episode 7 “King”

Visit inside the mill in her living room with assistant miller Rita – wife of miller Johan Slingerland – showing the visiting children, the 200 year old ‘koningsspil’, or ‘koning’ – the king’s spindle or king – a tree trunk upside down in the center of the mill from the top to the bottom, as the vertical axle transferring the rotation of the sails via wheels to the water screw below. The Putmolen water mill in the Aarlanderveen polder around Alphen in Holland, filmed using an Ambeo (Sennheiser – Apogee) headset for binaural sound and the iPhone X on the dutch national mill day 2018.
Putmolen ~ Episode 7 “King” | 20201030 | Michel van der Burg | 1-memo.com